Waisak 2011

Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

 Location : Borobudur temple
Date : may 17 2011 when Waisak

With Technology.....

Location : Borobudur temple
Date : May 17' 2011 when Waisak

Story of Them #1-Penambang Pasir

Rabu, 11 Mei 2011

Lokasi : Daerah sekitar jembatan Sesek, Bantul, Yogyakarta
Tanggal diambil : 9 Mei 2011
Photo by : Me^^

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A Trip to Semarang #1

Minggu, 08 Mei 2011

In May ‘5-6 2011, I went to Semarang with my classmates. We went to Semarang for hunting photo session (again), but this time was different for me because this is the first time we went hunting together without our lecturer and went to other city. Fyi, Semarang has a place in my memory because I ever study in college for the first time here so I got ‘nostalgic feeling’ went I arrived here.

We started the trip at 12.00 a.m, I went to my friend’s home and waited other friends here. We used our friends car as accomodation and tottally needs four car. It was a fun trip – for me – even my health was not good that time. I’ve got flu for 2 weeks and yesterday, my condition dropped again but I really enjoy the trip because my friends are funny^^ and they really understand about my sickness hehehe....

Semarang is capital city of Central Java Province, about the detil information you can click here or here for goverment information (Indonesia version). This city has some interesting place to explore and of course, take picture if you like photography. You can go to ‘Lawang Sewu’ or ‘Kota Lama’ if you love colonial building. It’s like ‘Kota Tua’ in Jakarta. You can go to Diponegoro University, Semarang State University in Ungaran, or other university in Semarang if you interested to study. Sam Poo Kong Pagoda, , ‘Tugu Muda’,  Vihara of Watugong, Gedongsongo Temple, Bandungan, and a lot of other choice to explore.

But the traffic maybe can make you mad because traffic jam almost everywhere. I suggest you to go Semarang by bus (not economic bus except you ready to explore and backpacking, so I recommended tourism bus so you can feel comfort) or by your own car (and with guide) as accomodation. If you don’t want to get mad because traffic jam, you can go Semarang at night or midnight – just in case if you don’t want meet the traffic jam and be careful because you can meet a lot of street corner.

We need three hour to got there. Maybe it’s because we used our own car and drove at midnight so the traffic wasn’t like day traffic which ussually full of car, bus, or motorclycle. If we used bus, maybe we need four hour from Jogja (but if we used economic bus, we need four hour more).

First destination was Gombel. From here, we saw city landscape of Semarang here. We all tired so we stopped at a parking place of a restourant. We didn’t know if we should pay here, so just a few of my friends pay for used restourant’s toilet even the restourant was closed (we arrived ad 3 a.m). We take a rest and waited for sunrise here. It’s a perfect place to saw Semarang’s landscape. You can enjoy view from restaurant, villa, and hotel. I saw some hotel and restaurant here. I didn’t take picure here because my condition has dropped, my flu was comeback and my temperature so high. I choosed to take a rest for a while when few of my friends enjoy the landscape.

There was two Gombel in Semarang, actually this is name of a place. I saw the landscape in Gombel Lama which is the street better than Gombel Baru, but you should be careful. The street in Gombel Lama is a (tikungan). Don’t forget to check your car if you don’t want your car or bus break down.  

Morning sky (Gombel, Semarang)

I woke up at six a.m, I feel better when woke up. Unfortunetly, I lost chance to (take) sunrise. I just took picture of morning sky . And after six a.m, I turn my radion in my cellphone to listened my favorite show in my favorite radio at Semarang. Morning Zone at Trax FM Semarang. I loved that show because that show was really funny, I listened their show every morning from my first time I arrived Semarang four years ago untill I graduate a year ago. And finally I listened their show again yesterday when I arrived in Semarang^^.

Next, our destination was place for breakfast. We could had breakfast in our first place because the restaurant was open in night ! So we looking for a place for breakfast. The choice was pecel and Soto Lamongan in roadside. Nasi pecel is food  that consist of rice, some vegetable, and seasoning called 'bumbu kacang' – a seasoning from nuts, palm sugar, chili, and salt (please corret if I’m wrong). Then, 'Soto Lamongan' is one of various Soto – a food that consist of  rice, vegetable, chicken meat, seasoning, sauce, and koya (that’s the different of Soto Lamongan with other kind of Soto). Koya was srhimp cracker powder - at least that information from my friends.

<To Be contined >
Nb. I just post 1 picture because I only got this picture before next destination. Hope I can post more photo soon...