Along Code River

Kamis, 28 April 2011

This is my first post with English, ussually I write in my language - bahasa Indonesia. So, I'm really sorry for my 'broken' English because I didn't use English for few years and now I learn basic English (again) in my new campus. Yes, I learn about tenses, grammar, etc. I learn again because I had trouble with my tenses and grammar since I didn't use it XD.

Btw, have you ever heard about Code river ? I'm sure you ever listen this name if you live in Indonesia, especially live in Central Java or Yogyakarta or maybe if you ever came to Yogyakarta and maybe you listen the name after Merapi eruption some months ago. Yes, it's name of a river in Yogyakarta. This river is so popular in Jogja (sometimes people said Yogya is Jogja for more simple) because the river is in the town (please correct if I'm wrong because I'm newcomer in Jogja) and more popular after Merapi eruption. It's because lava from Merapi pass the Code and cause flooding ussually called cold lava flooding. Why cold ? I'm sure you ask that. The answer is because the flood bring material from Merapi like water, sand, and stone - not hot lava because Merapi is okay right now.
This is one of the house where a little close with river. Flooding caused some houses in edge of Code river was damaged.

 This is the house which the owner still survive there. You can see place where the woman sit, that something like obstacle for anticipation if water come. Behind her is the house door. She said that water still in to her house if flood came, it's maybe because they didn't build leeve yet.

Many people live at edge of Code....okay, I still confused the english for 'bantaran'. I mean, they live at edge of Code. So, if you out from their home, you can see the river. So, am I right to use that word ?

Back to topic. If the flood come, many houses go under by flood. Not all home, but only houses that really close with river.  The flood left not only water but also sand from Merapi, that's why they called the flood : Cold Lava Flooding.

And because of some reason, me and my classmates got hunting photo session in that location as our campus assigment. Yes, we walked along the settlement to get 50 photo every person. We're not going there together, but we devided into some group, each group are 5 person. Every person should get 50 photos, that means 250 photos every group. We go to each location which devided by groups. I got 2nd group and started from before Kewek bridge.

For the first time, I got photo hunting session with my friends in Code and I could see how society's life in Code. How they build levee for their defense to face flooding together, how they live and survive from the flood, and so many side that I never got before. I can say : It's a interesteng place to explore but not a good choice if you want just hang out. The society so kind and nice, they so welcome with us - newcomer who intersted with their daily life and other aspect from their life. They're not angry if we take their photo, but we should tell them first - of course.

I got this photo in location 2. They build levee together. You can see their togetherness to anticipating flood 
in Code.

The photo above I got in location 3, it's after Kewek bridge. They made levee by themselves (society)   and  in this settlement, they more lucky because their levee is higher than society in my hunting photo location before. Some people draw at their wall. You can see picture or painting on walls along Code river. Sometimes, children painting, batik motif, or just a simple motif like photo above (but I'm sorry, I dont have the photo).

If you come to Jogja, Code river can be another option to explore. It is a interesteng place to know the society life - for me. But don't go there alone if you're not sure, you can go with your friends. And please, be careful because not all place will save for you especially for woman or girl except you go there with your boyfriend, husband, or your family. As long as you polite, they will polite too (I think, it's a rule everywhere =)).  

I love this kind of hunting photo session, I wish I could hunting photo again with my friends like this.